Welcome to Quikkly

Check out our latest release - Quikkly SDK V3.x is now available.

Quikkly enables developers to integrate custom-designed scannable codes into their apps. Smart codes are great for:
1. Person to Person: with a simple mobile-to-mobile scan, users can connect, share and more. Just like Snapcodes.
2. Offline to online: connecting real-world users to digital content, just like Pincodes powered by Quikkly

Getting Started

Getting up and running with Quikkly Platform is easy. Start by creating a developer account and your API key - head to My Apps where you can create an API key.

Designing Your Code

Our wide range of code templates allow you to choose a design that suits your  brand or identity. Use the code designer (under Create Code) to experiment with the options and create a 'Blueprint' and sample code that you will need to enable your app to scan your custom code. You can run basic scanning tests on your code using the Quikkly app which is availabe in the App Store and Play Store.

App Integration

You are now ready to integrate the SDK into your application. Our SDK is available for iOS (on Github) and Android (via Nexus) with wrappers for Cordova, Ionic and Reactive Native. A server module is available for our larger customers who need to create codes on their own servers.